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Be Well Philly Print Magazine - The Ones to Watch

“It’s no surprise you’ll see her name on the roster of top yoga studios all around the city: Her down-to-earth, chill teaching style puts us as ease almost as much as the yoga flow itself. But even more impressive is her drive to make health and wellness accessible to all. The field of wellness has some documented diversity issues, and Adelé is seeking to improve access to wellness across all racial and socioeconomic strata in Philly, whether by chairing a minority-filled health panel discussion or by leading a yoga camp for girls.”

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Interview with Project DARLA

“It was an overcast afternoon, yet still one to appreciate during this new transition into fall, when I went to meet Adriana Adelé for tea and a conversation about her experiences as a yoga instructor. I first came across Adriana’s work on Instagram during a search to find a yoga studio and instructor to begin practicing with. As a black woman myself, Adriana’s account was one that instantly stood out to me for connection. She curates great images featuring yoga and travel + quirky morning weather reports on her daily stories… But with her long-form captions of promoting self-care and highlighting her passions for creating within the yoga space, it’s clear that she is very knowledgeable of this area of wellness that I have been looking to get into. Naturally, I reached out to Adriana to learn more about her story and the philosophies that have empowered her to thrive within her profession….”

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Black + Well @ Lululemon Fishtown

Thursday night’s panel was a chance to take that national conversation to the local level.  The discussion was moderated by Adriana Adelé, a yogi who teaches at studios around the city, who guided the conversation to cover everything from what drives an image of wellness in America to what it was like to provide emotional care for non-people-of-color clients following the November 2016 election.