So it’s weed?...But it doesn’t get you high?....Then what does it do? CBD seems to be the new, hot wellness wonder. And despite the fact that you can find CBD tinctures, lattes, facials, (and even dog treats!), there’s still some haze around what CBD actually is and what CBD does. Scientific research and anecdotal evidence tout a whole host of CBD’s therapeutic effects from the ability alleviate anxiety to decreasing inflammation to anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties. At this offering of the AALIGN to Redefine Panel Series, we’re bringing together experts in the field to share their professional experience and personal journeys with CBD.

Cook Proper is providing sample size giveaways of their CBD Sore Muscle Salve and Sip N' Glo will be providing samples of their CBD infused juice, Glo Easy, to sip as we chat and chill.

April 29th || 7-9pm(ish)

Shot Tower Coffee || 542 Christian Street, Phila PA


Sheena M. Roberson is founder and visionary of Cannabis Noire a company developed on providing education and resources to minorities and underrepresented groups to present opportunities within the cannabis industry and community. “Creating the space” we wish to see. Sheena is a highly sought after Marketing Specialist and well-renowned inclusion and diversity consultant with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and community engagement, Sheena has helped both established and startup companies forge meaningful connections with their audiences. She now uses these skills to ensure people of color gain equal access and opportunities within the cannabis industry and community through education, resources and advocacy via her company Cannabis Noire. Sheena is also a minority owner of Dashuri CBD products, the first wholly minority-owned CBD company in Philadelphia that she helped to build along with several others in the region. Sheena has worked diligently to create brands, businesses, and opportunities that both herself, team and clients can be proud of. Sheena is a Philadelphia native known for her active role in community outreach and improvement project development efforts. An advocate for a change she’s worked diligently with local non-profits and community organizations ( P.A.A.N, GPUAC, United Way, Yo ACAP, Nu Sigma Youth Services, Education works, Urban League of Philadelphia) in the city early on, developing networking and negotiation skills that have since served her well.

Cimone Kind Berman has been a cannabis advocate for years, and started her own CBD company, Cook Proper, a little more than a year ago. While there is no brick and mortar, Cimone makes her products accessible to all with pick-up and delivery options, as well as shipping. After watching her father have a positive reaction to out of state CBD:THC products, she decided to reach out to some friends, and started to create these products on her own. It was only a matter of time, once PA became part of the MMJ program, which allowed Cimone to incorporate more options for patients. In addition to the CBD products she creates, Cimone also offers services teaching card holders how to use their medicine, how to properly dose it, and how to cook with it as well, hence the company name, Cook Proper.

Robin Chism is a 32 year old mother, seasoned makeup artist (12 years), esthetician, and owner of Topflight Studio. Robin utilizes CBD and the NJ Medical Marijuana program to help with anxiety and PTSD to profoundly improve her quality of life. Robin’s journey has inspired her to help others with CBD/MMP. Robin also incorporates CBD into facial and body treatments at Topflight Studio with a customized, euphoric protocol. Robin strives to the break stigma and highlighting the beauty in the culture.

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