I’m a South Philly transplant (by way of California, by way of Atlanta, by way of St. Thomas), intuitive eater, french fry connoisseur, crop top enthusiast, mindful mover, dog mom, houseplant fanatic, perpetually curious student, and a Philly based yoga teacher.

My teaching style has been called “casual”, “down-to-earth”, “chill”, “challenging but accessible”. In each and every class, I seek to empower students to make the best choices for themselves not to meet my or any externally imposed expectations but to also help them realize that they are capable of pushing past self-perceived limitations. I cue students move from a place of observational self-inquiry, playful self-study, and invite students to feel their own strength and capabilities regardless of where they are in their yoga journey.

For accuracy I’d say, “for now, I teach alignment based hatha yoga with elements of flow steeped in tantric, specifically Rajanaka Tantra, philosophy” meaning I teach a medium paced physical practice that focuses on the breath and asking questions to guide students towards their individual alignment.

I practice and share yoga as way to promote honest and compassionate self-study in order to align values and virtue, cultivate joy, and bridge the gap between intention and action on the mat and in the world. I value bodily autonomy meaning no sneak attack hands on assists and using language free from diet culture tactics. I believe yoga belongs anywhere it’s wanted and needed. I love teaching yoga outside of studio settings and have led classes in schools, community centers, public libraries.

Part of my goal as a teacher is to be a possibility model for women of color in wellness, foster inclusion across as many intersections of identity as possible, and show that skills learned on the mat can be a framework to help us create a more equitable world. By drawing parallels between the physical practice and incorporating the other seven limbs of yoga, I help students take insights from the mat and carry them out into the world so that we can all work towards aligning our choices with our values and virtues.

Certifications & Education:

I completed my RYT-500 certification in 2018 at Three Queens Yoga with my mentor Mariel Freeman. Prior to that I’ve finished my RYT-200 training at Dig Yoga with Mariel Freeman, Naime Jezzney, and Sue Elkind. I’ve continued my yoga studies both on my own and by taking shorter trainings and workshops with teachers like Crystal McCreary, Jillian Pransky, Anodea Judith, to name a few. I hold a BA in Neuroscience from Oberlin College and Conservatory.